Consultation Type Private cost Denplan essentials (from £11.83 pcm) Denplan care (from £19.99pcm)
New Patient Appointment inc. of small X-ray £75.00 NA NA
Routine Dental Health Assessment £45.00 Included Included
New Patient Emergency inc. of small X-ray £95.00 NA NA
Existing Patient Emergency inc. of small X-ray £45.00 Included Included
X-Ray (Small Each) £10.00 2 Included/year Included
Hygienist – Regular (30mins) £65.00 1 Included/year Included
Tooth Removal (inc. after care) – from £100.00 - £150.00 20% off Included
Fillings (metal free) – from £90.00 - £150.00 20% off Included
Silver fillings - from £80.00 - £120.00 20% off Included
Root Fillings – Front teeth £350.00 20% off Included
Root filling- Posterior teeth £400.00 20% off Included
Tooth-coloured Crown- From £450.00 - £650.00 20% off Lab fee only
Metal crown £400.00 20% off Lab fee only
Gold Crown £900.00 20% off Lab fee only
Porcelain Veneers – from £650.00 20% off Lab fee only
Bridge (per unit) £550.00 20% off Lab fee only
Partial Acrylic Denture – from £450.00 20% off Lab fee only
Full Denture Acrylic upper and lower £1000.00 20% off Lab fee only
Light metal chrome denture upper and lower £1800.00 20% off Lab fee only
Partial Valplast (Flexi) Denture £800.00 20% off Lab fee only
Implant with crown– from £2,500.00 £2,500.00 £2,500.00
Full Denture on implants POA POA POA
Fixed bridge on Implants POA POA POA
Crown recement £85.00 20% off Included
Denture repairs – Next day £100.00 20% off Lab fee only
Denture additions £100.00 20% off Lab fee only
Sports Gum Shield – from £250.00 20% off Lab fee only
Night guard £150.00 20% off Lab fee only
Boutique Teeth Whitening treatment £350.00 £350.00 £350.00
ICON-White spot removal treatment- per tooth £200.00 £200.00 £200.00
SmileFast-Cosmetic smile makeover £1200.00 £1200.00 £1200.00
IV Sedation Per hour £300.00 £300.00 £300.00

We have a small NHS contract which has been overly full for quite some time, and this is not likely to change in the near future. We have a waiting list that we are happy to add you to and will be in contact should the situation change.

Missed/Late Notice Cancellation

If you are an NHS patient and you fail to attend your appointments without providing us with any notice, we may be unable to provide you with NHS care in the future. If you cancel your appointment without giving us at least 1 working days’ notice, this will be classed as failed appointment. If you fail to attend/ late cancel two appointments in 18 months period we will not see you, even if you are in the middle of treatment. There is a huge demand for NHS appointments, and when you fail to attend, you are depriving others of this scarce resource. However, as an NHS patient we will not be charging you for failing to attend the appointment.

For those patients who are seeing the hygienist or dentist privately, we require at least two days’ notice for cancellation otherwise a late cancellation fee is charged and will need to be paid before making your next appointment.


Once you have discussed your treatment, your dentist will provide you with a written estimate of the treatment you have agreed to and the relevant cost. Payment is taken on a pay as you go basis. Please ask your dentist for more information regarding payment. Payment can be by Cash, Credit/Debit card or cheque.

NHS-charges-poster-March-2023 (1)NHS Treatment Charges

The NHS charges change yearly and are always displayed in the waiting room. At present, NHS patients pay according to the appropriate band.

  • Band 1 £25.80
  • Band 2 £70.70
  • Band 3 £306.80

If you are exempt from NHS charges, please also bring in proof of the exemption. Unfortunately, without the proof of exemption, we may be unable to treat you under the exemption. If you are unsure of exemptions, please visit NHS Choices
Incorrectly claiming for free treatment can result in a fine.

Please note: There is no such thing as registration as NHS patient with dentist. Unlike registration with GP where you can only be seen in your GP practice. You are free to see any NHS dentist (who is taking NHS patients). Likewise, dentist is not obliged to see you, particularly if they have reached their NHS target. Every NHS Dentist is allocated a budget by the NHS, and they can’t provide care beyond that allocation.